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Off to IRELAND to bring home the Cage Warriors Belt

WBFM’s fastest rising star is in Ireland today prepping for a 5 round 205 battle supreme!

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  • 33rd fight is Truly the BIG One for Jared HEAVY HANDS Torgeson!

    The ACB title is one of the most coveted in the world, not only does this Russian promotion pay like the “big” boys, they have 15+ events planned in 2017. Jared is ready to show the world why he is one of the best kept secrets in the NW!!! Click pic for details:

  • 6-1 145 Alikhon Khasanov signed to WBFM!

    Alik 2

    He lives in Uzbekistan, and fights in a very exciting aggressive style! Looking forward to booking him in 2017!




    FIGHT WORLDWIDE! Travel the world, meet amazing people…. and fight them for money!

    Just in this past month WBFM (White Buffalo Fight Management) has SIGNED fighters from AK (19-7)(5-0), ID (16-7), KS/NV (10-3), IL/NM (5-1)(6-1)(9-4), TX (19-22), AZ (3-1) and OR (1-0).

    Welcome to the ROSTER: Nic Herron Webb * Vince Fricilone * Daniel Swain * Josh Clark * Stephen Cervantes * Jordan Espinosa * Kyle Keeney * Alex Arredondo * Tyree Donyell Fortune.

    Fights booked THIS month include: JAPAN, LONDON, BAHRAIN, CANADA, USA, MEXICO, INDIA

    We have strengthened our partnerships with Hale Fighter Management Co, and continued our successful co-op w BIG Fight MGMT

    Title fights for Invicta FC (Kaline Medeiros), Cage Warrior Fighting Championship (Julian Erosa & Nic Herron-Webb), a recent belt in Rubicon(Jordan Espinosa), and Trevor Smith looking for 3 in a row at the UFC. This momentum is by design, by hours and hours of hard work by WBFM and our top fighters. We know it’s just the beginning we are going into 2017 with more drive, desire, and direction than ever before! Join the herd…. or risk being trampled!

    Email now for Representation, management for fighters! #WBFam will@wbFIGHTmgmt.com


    Hot Sauce for the TUF Champ!

    WBFM’s Trevor HOT SAUCE Smith, is coming off 2 dominating performances in the UFC, and is looking to make his mark by taking on most recent 205lb TUF Champ Andrew El DIRTE’ Sanchez. Sanchez dominated the show at 205, and is returning to 185 where he recently vacates his RFA Belt.
    This clash will take place in Albany NY on Dec 9th Fox Sports 1!

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  • TITLE TIME for the Dark Angel at INVICTA FC 20

    She has been on a win streak in the cage, and winning fans, and her shot has come! Taking on UFC/TUF vet Angela Hill for the coveted Invicta Strap! We are very proud of this title shot!

  • The Yanks are coming! WBFM is sending them!

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  • That same day we are also sending Kevin the HILLBILLY Croom to Japan to compete for Shooto, and run his 135 record to 8-1 (17-6 overall)

  • ACCIDENT & INJURY coverage & Ca$h for Fighters!


    I WISH I had put this together years ago. It’s an ACCIDENT/INJRY policy that can be added by any MMA fighter, which pays cash any time you have an injury due to accidents/fights/training etc. Here are the key points:

    1. Does NOT matter what other coverage you have, or don’t have, it doesn’t matter if the promotion covers your fight with some type of insurance. This is coverage designed to pay fast cash for any injury that occurs to you in the course 24 hours a day. I have confirmed that FIGHTING and FIGHT TRAINING are considered “accidents”. If you end up with “Double Coverage” that is fine, the cash still comes to you, and can be used for whatever you like or need.

    2. This is an AFLAC policy that pays you cash every time you have an injury that needs professional attention. AFLAC is a Fortune 500 company, have over 50 million people insured, and are known for paying out cash claims within the week.

    3. CASH for PAIN: There are cash payouts for getting your annual physical ($40 or $60) / ($100-$200) for injury necessitated MRI or other diagnstic exams / $20-$25 for each X-ray per accident / $500-$1000 if hospitalized / Specific cash pay out for broken bones, Cuts, concussions, burns, ER Dental work, eye injury, etc.

    4. Some of you know I have had my insurance license for 23 years, and this is the first time I’ve found a product that could benefits so many of my friends and clients.

    5. If the accident takes place out of the USA, you can have the claims paid to your bank account within a weeks as long as you have the billing done in English, and that you file the claim on-line.

    6. BOTTOM LINE – Any of you can purchase this, and have it go into effect within 72 hours, cost is $31.33/month for the Basic plan (Mid coverage is $41.86 and TOP is $52.65), and the rates are LOCKED in for LIFE, you cannot be canceled for excessive USE, nor will your rates go up. Basically every active Fighter I know will have more than $400 in claims each year, and therefore they make a profit for the damage done to their bodies and also receive cash for necessary things like physical and Sometimes MRI’s. *(must be purchased w auto bank with-drawl or credit card, cash & check will NOT be accepted)

    This is just a service I now offer, call or email me if you want to discuss further. I personally have bought the MID policy for myself and my kids for $61.62/month, and have no doubt even retired, I’ll be getting my money back and then some.

    *** THIS IS NOT MEDICAL INSURANCE, it does NOT qualify as minimum essential health coverage. It is an accident policy that pays you cash when you have been injured in an accident.

    Will Hammond
    cell (206)920-3489
    fax (425)291-5178

    WBFM adds Julia Jones and Kaline Madeiros to the next Invicta FC

    slider Kaline

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  • Julia Jones

  • Want to join the FAMILY? #WBFaM

    Here is the introduction email I send out to every fighter interested in our Management Company. It’s important to understand how we operate right out of the gate. After 18 years in this sport I have had to learn a LOT of lessons the hard way, but love where we are today, and the future is very very bright:

    PROFESSIONALISM in MMA: A fighter who: 1. Has good communication/responsiveness. 2. Is always on time & on weight 3. Conducts themselves in a manner that brings a good name to themselves, their coaches, their gym and their management. 4. Maintains current basic medicals (Physical, Blood-work, Eye-Exam) or is rapid in their acquisition of required medicals, and completion of paperwork(contracts Licensing).

    Thank you for your interest in White Buffalo Fight Management. We would love to work with you, communication and professionalism are the keys to both of our success. I was a professional fighter for many years, still coach and co-ordinate training, and corner 30-60 fights a year. I put fighters first.

    If you choose to sign on with us we charge 10% of paid purse for any fight I find, and 20% of any sponsorship I bring to the table. You are welcome to find other sponsors as well, just please keep good communication with me, so we never double book. If you prefer to work with us with no contract in place, we will find you fights for a finders fee of 15% of the total paid purse, (we do not offer sponsorships to any non-contracted fighter).

    FURTHERMORE, If I book you on a show with a promoter, I consider that a contact I made for you, and respectfully expect you to pay me commission on fights from that promoter while we are working together. Some promoters love to work direct with fighters, primarily to book them cheaper, this is one of the reason purses are dropping. I’m extremely honest, and have complete faith in my reputation should you want to ask around the MMA community, and want to get you the best money and opportunities available. This is my business, and I work exceptionally hard to keep my fighters busy fighting for the most money that I can negotiate.

    If I get an offer from a mid-major or major (i.e. WSOF, UFC, RFA, Legacy, Bellator) it will be only delivered to my contracted fighters. Also for obvious reasons, any fighter who signs a written contract with WBFM, is paid up on commission, and has consistent history of professionalism*; will be a higher priority when the best opportunities come along.

    Here is the info I need to get started:

    1. Full Legal Name (for flying etc):
    2. Ring Name:

    3. Date of Birth:

    3a. Cell Phone #:

    4. Weight class(es) willing to fight at?

    5. Ready now? Ready when?

    6. Passport?

    7. Any problem getting into Canada(DUI? etc?)?

    8. Twitter Acct?______________(*if not one, get one today! Follow and Tweet confirmation to @WB_Fight_MGMT)

    9. Fighting out of? Nearest Airport?

    10. Link to highlight video?

    11. States your license is current in:

    12. Date of last MRI_____? CT Scan_______? Blood-work______? Physical______? Dilated Eye Exam______? EKG___?

    13. Would you ever be willing to travel with a manager recommended corner?

    14. What Languages do you speak?___________ What languages do you have a basic understanding?

    15. Send me a few pics for website, and potential posters/marketing.

    16*** Are you interested in PRO BOXING opportunities? I get a LOT of offers, and view them as PAID sparring for my MMA fighters. If interested please detail your Am boxing record/experience, and any pro experience as well.
    If you need references, I have them, fighters I have trained with, lived with, bled with, worked with for over 15 years. My final fight was in 2011, and now I’m fully committed to my clients, fighters, friends in the sport I have loved since 1993. I’ve had fighters signed with the UFC, Legacy, Fight Time, Titan, RFA, Cage Warriors, WSOF, and the MFC. I’m proud to say I have booked fights in Ireland, Dubai, Mexico, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Ecuador, Chile, Canada, Australia and Jordon,and expect to add many other countries to this list before I’m done.

    * Please rank the following MMA goals in order of most important “1″ to least important 7th

    a. Money____
    b. Travel___
    c. Fun___
    d. Titles___
    e. UFC___
    f. Fame/Exposure___
    g. MMA Career___
    I look forward to working with you, email me or call me anytime. I make no promises, I just work my ass off for results.

    Finally go to my website and read it over, make sure this is a good home for you: www.WhiteBuffaloFIGHTManagement.com

    Will Hammond
    White Buffalo Fight Management

    PROFESSIONALISM in MMA: A fighter who: 1. Has good communication/responsiveness. 2. Is always on time & on weight 3. Conducts themselves in a manner that brings a good name to themselves, their coaches, their gym and their management. 4. Maintains current basic medicals (Physical, Blood-work, Eye-Exam) or is rapid in their acquisition of required medicals, and completion of paperwork(contracts Licensing).