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The White Buffalo Warriors take the MMA world by stampede. In the past few years they have signed many of their professional fighters to large promotions such as Strikeforce, UFC, Cage Warriors, and Maximum Fighting Championship. With several fighters collecting championship belts, while getting to see the world in the process. In the past year the White Buffalos fought in Sweden, Ireland, Dubai, Jordon, Brazil, Canada, and the U.S. Not bad for a company formed in a garage back in 2002!

The team and management /company was formed by Will Hammond a Montana native who grew up on Salish-Kootenai reservation in Montana, where he won a state championship in wrestling and began his love of combat sports. The team formed organically as fighters began gathering in Hammond’s garage (known affectionately as Garage-a-Gon) to learn the arts of MMA in an environment that catered to the individual.

Head coach, Clinton Radovich has trained and cornered fighters for competition in UFC, Strikeforce, Bellator, World Series of Fighting, Dream, and many other regional promotions. Coach Radovich holds a 2nd degree Black Belt in Judo from Budokan Dojo in Seattle; he holds a Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from world renowned instructor Marcelo Alonso; and received his tutelage and personal endorsement in the striking arts from kickboxing legend and former UFC Heavyweight World Champion, Maurice Smith. Recently featured on Spike TV's FIGHTMASTER reality show as a coach alongside Frank Shamrock and Maurice Smith; Coach Radovich offers his students a wealth of knowledge obtained through years of study with world class instructors, his own successful competition career in wrestling, Judo, BJJ, amateur and professional MMA, and a lifetime in sports of all kinds. Our coach continues to compete and train himself diligently, most recently winning at Cage Warrior with an impressive head kick KO, and is looking to add more wins in 2014!

White Buffalo Warriors are a team committed to the concept of mixed martial arts and fighter rights. With a belief in what he does right down to the core, Manager Will Hammond works with individual warriors for not only functional strength cross training and inter-team/gym sparring, but a belief system based on four pillars to MAXIMIZE Value, MAXIMIZE Exposure, MAXIMIZE Wins, and put FIGHTERS FIRST!

Established in 2002, a renegade group of fighters from various gyms in the area decided to start training and scheduling fights on their own. What began as a Drinking Team with a fighting problem has emerged as a dedicated group of warriors who train with intensity and most importantly, WIN! In the past few years, it has also evolved into a professional fighter management company, known for the “fighter first” mentality. For more information, contact Will Hammond

Will Hammond