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Professional MMA Fighters we trained went 13-1 in 2013!

2014 we plan to expand and improve the team significantly.

This is a fantastic OPPORTUNITY to start or enhance a side or full-time career, or at very least be a part of a team of great fighters. Amazing opportunity to be trained by pro fighters, pro trainers, with established track records of success. We want dedicated, committed athletes or experienced fighters to continue building our team.

Our pro and amateur fighters complete all over the NW and the WORLD! Last year alone we have wins on Cage Warriors, King of the Cage, Cagesport, Destiny, ICFand Bellator. This past few years we have helped send fighters to Hawaii, Dubai, Jordon, Quebec, Miami, Russia, Ireland, Turkey, Ukraine, Poland, Australia and have had opportunities all over the globe! 8 shows in Hawaii in 2013 alone

Do you want to be part of this success?

That's right, train with professional MMA Fighters and trainers. We are offering a Free Trial period (up to 45 days based on prior training). Ideally it helps if you bring something to the table. Experience in Boxing, Wrestling, Judo, BJJ, or have been a college level athlete (or all-state H.S.) in another sport. After the trial period you can elect a training program or location be suited to your location, skill level, and goals.

WE WILL CUSTOMIZE YOUR TRAINING and bring you along at your own pace. We will not rush you into sparring or competition.

Come be part of something, we are an established fight team with a great winning tradition.

Our head coaches Clint Radovich and Will Hammond have cornered fighters in the UFC, Strikeforce, WSOF, MFC and Bellator. Both have been successful MMA fighters as well. Coach Radovich was recently featured on Spike TV's FIGHTMASTER coaching along side Frank Shamrock and Maurice Smith.

Our programs and facilities are based in Kirkland and Seattle.

Email Will Hammond at will@whitebuffalowarriors.com



In the email include:

  • Name:
  • Weight:
  • Age:
  • Athletic and/or martial arts background:
  • City you live/work:
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